The Most Commonly Misunderstood Law: The Law of Attraction

The Law says “You create almost everything that happens to you. If you think you can do it, you most definitely, can! Your energy will attract energies that are alike.”

Thoughts + Emotions = Attraction

Think. Why is it the Law of Attraction the most popular law?

Because it says YOU CAN GET WHATEVER YOU WANT. But hold your horses! It is not as simple as that. This law is also the most MISUNDERSTOOD law! I don’t want to discourage you; I want to help you manifest what you want FASTER.

So, on YouTube, you will find several videos which go like ‘Manifest your dreams’, ‘Manifest a certain person in your life’, ‘Manifest Prosperity’ etc. Also, here is a shout out to The Secret for popularizing The Law of Attraction. Both will make you believe that visualizing something or wishing for it does the whole job. Clearly, you are allowed to laugh at it. 

You know you can’t just think and not work, and expect everything to happen. You got to perform the action. So, you prevent yourself from being misled and you use the law to understand that JUST working without believing in it on the mental level, bears no fruit. The Law is about ‘being conscious of aligning our thoughts with the results we desire.’

‘When we ask and have the faith to know it is possible, we are then ready to receive it.’

Read it and reread it!

And, since, humans today don’t believe in energy guiding them, let’s turn to little references from psychology and science!

Psychologically speaking, here is an example to the Law. People do push away people who love them; because they never thought they could be loved that way. It causes unease to them, on the mental level to have happening what they didn’t expect and can’t accept… Similarly, you are sure to fail if you think you can’t pass it. You ACCEPT defeat by restricting your thinking! Because,

  1. You won’t put in effort into an ‘already lost fight’, which in fact you have created only on your mental level.
  2. You won’t try enough because you are self-doubting, because ‘you can’t win anyway’.

Turning to Science, it clearly says your body reacts to your thoughts. Your body is that naive kid who believes everything he is told! Your thoughts are what you say to your body. And your body reacts believing it is true!

As simple as this: Think about your favorite food, your salivary glands begin to excrete saliva, in your mouth. Your body thinks it’s true, believes it’s true, that your favorite dish is right in front of you. So, it helps you accept the dish and eat it. On the other hand, imagine yourself thinking about failure and loss! Your body believes it is true and reacts to it and accepts it even before it has happened! IT STARTS TO WEAKEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. You system starts to deteriorate because it thinks the tragedy has already happened! So, it, in turn, attracts tragedy and isn’t competent or powerful enough to go out there and to perform anymore, to get the actual reward. Stop doing this to your body, to yourself!

Use your body and your mind to attract what you always wanted! Working on the physical level isn’t enough, it’s the mental strength gives you the physical strength!

You need to ‘feel like it’, to attract it. But then again, you can feel like it, when you do it. Let your feelings guide you into whether your frequency is in alignment with; what you want or do not want.

But if you feel bad, or do not feel good, don’t FORCE yourself to feel good. Relax, breathe, think and analyze why you feel what you feel. Go to the core of it. And once you have it in your hand, believe you me; you’ll know how to feel good.

Tips to make Law of Attraction work:

Write down a journal entry as if you have already achieved what you wanted. Make sure it is a detailed description. You may as well add HOW you got there. But even if you don’t know HOW don’t fret. It is not that important as of now.

Sit down and close your eyes. Figure out the tensions in your body. Visualize a rose and take it to the areas where the tensions can be felt. Give out all the negative energy to the rose; you may as well let it rot.  Throw the rose away and now you’ll feel lighter. Fill in the empty spaces with bright and positive light which you may as well get from the ‘above’ if you visualize.  (An adaptation from Mind Valley’s Jeffrey Allen)

Take a sheet of paper and fold it into a half. Use one of the halves to write what you feel motivated to do today. On the other side, write what you want the universe to take care of, for you.

Remember you have the power to create whatever you want using your thoughts, intentions, and minds! So think big and keep manifesting!

By Khyati Sanger (Non-fiction)

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