Hope, it is a very simple four letter word determining the terminology of our lives. It is indeed the most underestimated weapon, a weapon of destruction as well as that of peace. If the hope ignited inside your soul turns to reality then it becomes a blessing.

But if it doesn’t come true, then it will end up killing you a little every day till you are numb and hurt. Then it becomes the greatest curse, rubbing salt into all your healing scars of the past. It always makes you feel that things will go back to normal again, time will pass and heal up all the sore scales that are left behind, maybe you will meet that person again, maybe that love will come back to you and that everything will eventually become normal.

But this seems to be a blurry illusion as maturity hits us and as we sneak out of our own cocoons to face the reality of this unfair world. There seems to be no bigger lie than HOPE because now you can relate to the crudeness and unfair rules of this materialistic world.

Hope isn’t an illusion but rather it’s made into one and that too by us, the civilized organisms or maybe animals of this world. We tend to modify our own values, morals, ethics and basic structural phase known as humanity, we bend and amend all these set barriers according to our own flexibility but still have the courage to hope and expect the world to be fair to us, when we ourselves are not fair to our own self.

Isn’t it ironic? Hope breaks you, it may make you heartless because of the deep pain that it causes you, but you have all that right to turn those scars into power and your flaws into your highlights. 


By Yamika Khanna (Editor, Non fiction)

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