The Ivory Tower

Looking out from the ivory tower so secure so sure of ourselves.

Now the doors have opened and we realise how lost we have been.

We thought we were being smart, we thought we realised how the real world works,

But let’s be honest tonight.

Our much vaunted philosophy doesn’t work in this world.

We all promised to be the best of friends forever, to Skype, call and be there for each other,

But as tomorrow comes and goes, and neither do you call nor do I text,

We realise our ivory dreams don’t matter much out here tonight.

Keeping in touch grows ever harder with every step we take,

And a realisation that our friendships were maybe born of chance not choice sets in,

It breaks your heart till you finally realise ,

That even if they weren’t meant to last,

They still meant something, they still mean something,

They were what you needed then, they got you through some tough times.

So take the hand you were dealt, and believe in fate.

For one way or another, your friends from the tower did have some meaning.


By Apurva Lodha (Head Editor, Non fiction)

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