PAPRIKASHTA COVERPaprikashta is a young online literature plus art magazine, run by the young minds of today. The word ‘paprikashta’ derives from the English word ‘paper’ and the Hindi word ‘kashti’-which means a kayak, or a boat. We publish everything from fiction, non-fiction to poetry, musings, rants, reviews, art and photography.


Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Drishtti Rawat



Neeraj Meghani

Sonam Sharma

Saumya Rastogi

Riya Sharma



Apurva Lodha

Aayushi Khanna

Yamika Khanna

Kushagra Singh

Khyati Sanger



Rohan Sahni

Ansh Sethi

Ashna Chandra Mathur



Ridhima Bhatia

Divya Jain

Vaibhav Tekchandani

Aastik Bhasin



Prashant Rao


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