It is a Funny Story

How artistic we become with our hearts broken. And that is the story of my life.

Entangled in my thoughts, I find it funny how we are stuck in love. Moving, yet still.

All I am left with is blue ink and bluer papers, and hues far too dark. Stains of memories cherished on sheets and blurred lines crossing paths.

My life is but a metaphor for bandages and scratched crevices. A simile, you can call it for love lost but never found.

Oh, I no longer write for myself. It’s for thee I grieve and long. Maybe, I seek a greater perhaps but for now the time prolongs.

Our story never started to end and that is that, I shall not say any further.

My veins are etched with ink stains and my fingers with blood, how awful it is for me to romanticize red mixed with blue. For purple scars don’t heal, just disappear through and through.

My undying thirst for love cannot be gratified for I have epitomized it to be something beyond my reach. So with my words I lose myself. And with every alphabet, I am lost. Maybe, I was meant to be my own person. But, that only time can tell if I am my lost jigsaw puzzle; waiting to be fixed and completed.


By Saumya Rastogi (Fiction)

The Sea and My Lover

Sometimes I look into my lover’s eyes

and I find the seas in him.

He’s got mysteries

as deep as the salty water itself

behind those eyelids.


His glare brings back

memories of the storms he’s survived

and I often find myself

floating on those sparkling eyes,

sometimes even trapped at the bottom.


And every time I look at him

I drown in his sea of stars

like a sailor greeting death.

He is my sea, and I am his sunken ship,

slowly dissolving into him to be lost forever.


My lover is the sea and the sea is my lover.


By Ashna Mathur (Poetry)

Beyond The Veil

You ever wonder how astonishing it is that in between so many people present,

From nowhere comes the person,

Like a star after a dark cloud and thunders of nights,

Giving you one single reason to stay and make those thousand unreasonable assumptions…

You are smiling at 2PM on a busy Monday afternoon staring  at your computer screen with deadlines pending, just thinking about how their nose crinkle when they laugh.

I wonder how easily they leave again,

Leave us to cry weep and scream.

They do ever wonder, about the parts and piece of my deserted souls they borrowed.

They owe me a lot more than they believe.


I wonder where all those people went, whom I spent my childhood with,

My mum said they are not here, they are unreal.

Some say it’s my loneliness speaking, some my fiction writer inside,

But I still see them right next to me.

Staring, crying and laughing as I tip tap the keyboard

Are they just imaginary or they are scared of you?


From all the pain present in this world

You ever wonder how so many particles comes together to make an atom.

Which are present in our skin right now.

Playing hide and seek like the noisy kids on the road.

Moving across, flying and leaping.

Calling the same flesh home, which you puncture with needles, cut and throw around like confetti.


Or you ever wonder that if we start counting each heartbreak and pain of every life present in this moment

Won’t this planet explode searching for closure to handle them?


Why we never wonder that when we are fast asleep

What If our souls get out of this body,

This body where they are comfortably sync

And just to go around and wander to find darkness and mysteries.

 What if they meet with other souls to grieve in the caskets,

Or they go in the parallel universe to feel the same moments again on repeat.

And what if they are about to unite with the love of your life,

But you open your eyes at the same moment.


We wonder that what will happen if we die

But don’t we ever think

Why did we become this.

After so many deaths,

Is this our destiny?

Or are we trapped?


Why don’t we wonder that between money, fame and race,

There are people who decease every midnight

So how many coffins do they even hold inside the fragile soul?

They are living with graveyards growing in them.

Isn’t that scary?


We wonder about enhancing beauty

Being fair, being bright.

Being the next Instagram perfect profile.

But why don’t we wonder of this girl, who every time picked that dead flower between the fresh dandelions,

Why she kept all those dead dry petals in her basket?

Did she want to make them alive with some black magic?

Or she just wanted to save food for bees

She was a witch, or kindness is so rare to believe ?


Why don’t we wonder about the dreams we forget,

Is this just our mind?

Or the universe kept some secrets inside our head,

We wonder about everything don’t we?


But we never wonder why we wonder, at the first place.


By Riya Sharma (Fiction)


I scream unheard
I give signals unseen
I am here unaware.

The Tweets of the cuckoo’s indistinct song,

Hushed Vibrations are sung.
Nature’s peace in which all senses collapse
Become a show with words muffled.

I passed the test but didn’t,
I ran the race but walked,
I cried but remained queit ,
I was quoted.

Maybe they walk beside us
Those we lost in time
But unseen and unheard
We feel their aura
We think absurd
Actions speak louder than words.

By Ansh Sethi (Poetry)

The Most Commonly Misunderstood Law: The Law of Attraction

The Law says “You create almost everything that happens to you. If you think you can do it, you most definitely, can! Your energy will attract energies that are alike.”

Thoughts + Emotions = Attraction

Think. Why is it the Law of Attraction the most popular law?

Because it says YOU CAN GET WHATEVER YOU WANT. But hold your horses! It is not as simple as that. This law is also the most MISUNDERSTOOD law! I don’t want to discourage you; I want to help you manifest what you want FASTER.

So, on YouTube, you will find several videos which go like ‘Manifest your dreams’, ‘Manifest a certain person in your life’, ‘Manifest Prosperity’ etc. Also, here is a shout out to The Secret for popularizing The Law of Attraction. Both will make you believe that visualizing something or wishing for it does the whole job. Clearly, you are allowed to laugh at it. 

You know you can’t just think and not work, and expect everything to happen. You got to perform the action. So, you prevent yourself from being misled and you use the law to understand that JUST working without believing in it on the mental level, bears no fruit. The Law is about ‘being conscious of aligning our thoughts with the results we desire.’

‘When we ask and have the faith to know it is possible, we are then ready to receive it.’

Read it and reread it!

And, since, humans today don’t believe in energy guiding them, let’s turn to little references from psychology and science!

Psychologically speaking, here is an example to the Law. People do push away people who love them; because they never thought they could be loved that way. It causes unease to them, on the mental level to have happening what they didn’t expect and can’t accept… Similarly, you are sure to fail if you think you can’t pass it. You ACCEPT defeat by restricting your thinking! Because,

  1. You won’t put in effort into an ‘already lost fight’, which in fact you have created only on your mental level.
  2. You won’t try enough because you are self-doubting, because ‘you can’t win anyway’.

Turning to Science, it clearly says your body reacts to your thoughts. Your body is that naive kid who believes everything he is told! Your thoughts are what you say to your body. And your body reacts believing it is true!

As simple as this: Think about your favorite food, your salivary glands begin to excrete saliva, in your mouth. Your body thinks it’s true, believes it’s true, that your favorite dish is right in front of you. So, it helps you accept the dish and eat it. On the other hand, imagine yourself thinking about failure and loss! Your body believes it is true and reacts to it and accepts it even before it has happened! IT STARTS TO WEAKEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. You system starts to deteriorate because it thinks the tragedy has already happened! So, it, in turn, attracts tragedy and isn’t competent or powerful enough to go out there and to perform anymore, to get the actual reward. Stop doing this to your body, to yourself!

Use your body and your mind to attract what you always wanted! Working on the physical level isn’t enough, it’s the mental strength gives you the physical strength!

You need to ‘feel like it’, to attract it. But then again, you can feel like it, when you do it. Let your feelings guide you into whether your frequency is in alignment with; what you want or do not want.

But if you feel bad, or do not feel good, don’t FORCE yourself to feel good. Relax, breathe, think and analyze why you feel what you feel. Go to the core of it. And once you have it in your hand, believe you me; you’ll know how to feel good.

Tips to make Law of Attraction work:

Write down a journal entry as if you have already achieved what you wanted. Make sure it is a detailed description. You may as well add HOW you got there. But even if you don’t know HOW don’t fret. It is not that important as of now.

Sit down and close your eyes. Figure out the tensions in your body. Visualize a rose and take it to the areas where the tensions can be felt. Give out all the negative energy to the rose; you may as well let it rot.  Throw the rose away and now you’ll feel lighter. Fill in the empty spaces with bright and positive light which you may as well get from the ‘above’ if you visualize.  (An adaptation from Mind Valley’s Jeffrey Allen)

Take a sheet of paper and fold it into a half. Use one of the halves to write what you feel motivated to do today. On the other side, write what you want the universe to take care of, for you.

Remember you have the power to create whatever you want using your thoughts, intentions, and minds! So think big and keep manifesting!

By Khyati Sanger (Non-fiction)

Imperfections Make Us Human

Imperfections are the tiny little faults which stop something from being perfect, which stop someone from being perfect. In short, imperfections are what make us human.

A truly perfect human being does not exist on this earth, for what could be worse for humanity than being absolutely perfect? It is the little faults in someone’s character, the mistakes that a human can make, that allows us to love someone.

Perfection is an unattainable and impossibly high ideal, but then it is not for humans to achieve, only for us to work towards. It is the quest to be perfect, to become better and better with time, that has prompted human beings to grow and survive throughout time.

The journey to the end is what matters, not the end itself. Life is just that, a journey for us to try to become our best possible versions, by changing and evolving our notions of being perfect. We keep trying to become better people, because we realise that things can always get better, that perfection, along with being an ideal, is a constantly changing and evolving truth that is different for everyone, as it should be.

We humans were never meant to be perfect, that was left to the organisms with simpler minds than the complex, ever-changing nature of the human mind. After all, to us, in the end, it is the little imperfections that matter, the little faults which make us feel for others, have empathy and understanding for them, for at the moment when you realize you truly understand someone; you also realize that you love them as they love themselves. For that is the gift of having faults in us, that we can understand each other, love each other and above all, try to become better human beings every single day of our lives.

Imperfections are an important part of us, because without them, what would be the point of ever doing something new?

Without them, why would we want to live? As Tibor Kalman once said –

“We live in a society and a culture and an economic model that tries to make everything look right. Look at computers. Why are they all putty-colored or off-fucking-white? You make something off-white or beige because you are afraid to use any other color – because you don’t want to offend anybody. But by definition, when you make something no one hates, no one loves it. So I am interested in imperfections, quirkiness, insanity, unpredictability. That’s what we really pay attention to anyway. We don’t talk about planes flying; we talk about them crashing.”


By Apurva Lodha (Head Editor, Non-fiction)

Remembering the greatest: Muhammad Ali.

(Written by Kushagra Singh, Non-fiction Editor)

A year ago, on June 3 2016, the world bid adieu to one of the biggest names in not just boxing, but world sport. Muhammad Ali breathed his last, leaving his legions of fans with memories of a lifetime nonetheless.

Ali’s prowess as a boxer was unmatched for his time. He brought grace and style to a sport considered violent and ugly. His bouts with Joe Frazier would forever be etched in the annals of history. His sheer skill and exuberance put him on a level above everybody else, and made him not just a boxing icon but a global sporting icon.

Ali’s sheer brilliance as a boxer was unmatched, but what made him more than just a sportsman was the human that Ali was. It is amazing that Ali, who was as dangerous as they come inside the ring, would go on to become the greatest anti-War pacifist the US would ever see. His legendary quote on his refusal to serve in the Vietnam War is a thorough condemnation of racism, war and imperialism, whilst also being a prolific assertion of individual rights. He could have taken the conventional stance, but he chose uncomfortable positions that did not sit easy with the consensus. It is in taking positions on sensitive issues he transcended from celebrated athlete to great public figure.

Ali must also be remembered as the world’s most famous convert to Islam. Soon after winning the Heavyweight title in 1964, the 22-year-old Cassius Clay would drop what he called his “slave name” and be known as Muhammad Ali. All of this coincided with the Civil Rights Movement and the Nation of Islam sect, which should be considered with regards to the backdrop in which he converted

The conversion to Islam was not just a moment of attention seeking or some publicity stunt. He stayed with the faith whose most pronounced message is egalitarianism. After 9/11 Ali would say that “it were racist fanatics” and not “real Muslims” behind those appalling attacks. He had responded to Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the US by stating “True Muslims know that the jihadists go against the very tenets of our religion”.

What also must be noted is how Ali was flexible in his understanding and interpretation of his adopted faith. He was open to accommodate change and in picking and choosing his understanding of Islam, as times (and mindsets) progressed.

If America wants to look at Muslims, let them look at Ali. If the world wants to look at Americans, let them also look at Ali. He represented the best amongst any race, any religion, any creed and any country. That is why he was and will always be one of the greatest humans to have lived on the planet.