To leave me?

(By Ansh Sethi, Poetry Editor)


You are still present in my doubt,

I can taste you in my mouth.

Everyday seems like a lie,

your love taught me how to die.

I am the selfish ghost

Can Listen to all your lies

Like a jet streaming high.

Some more I can take

Till you wake me again.

I can still hear your words

I can feel your presence here

you seemed to be a living paradox.

being the reason of silence in my catacombs

you gave me love, love for free

the girl which world set free

the girl that time forgot.

when you walked away,

you  came one step closer to me

Were you cut enough to bleed?

Were you cut enough to leave?


My Eternity

By Ansh Sethi, Poetry Editor

I am here sitting on my rug
sipping on my cold hot coffee mug
thinking how on earth can I be hers
if I am, its purely my luck
people say drugs get you high
these lads have not seen her smile,
till eternity I want her to be mine.

Flipping her hair,in my white shirt
not her body, but her soul made my heart rust
lost deep in her lust
I held her close, held her tight
her big eyes as beautiful as a rainy night
exactly what I wanted,and thats what she desired
that moment I swear we were infinite.