If You Were a Woman

Written by Aayushi Khanna (Non-fiction Editor)

Photograph by Ridhima Bhatia (Photography Editor)


Even the pettiest stereotypes like, men get ready in the time a maggi is cooked and women take hours to, makes me so frustrated. Feminism, women empowerment, equality or just being a woman is one topic nobody can write enough on, and it can never be satisfying or correct. Every line creates such a dilemma.
Though it annoys me how it’s said that girls take longer to get ready I can’t help but try and abolish these stereotypes with logic. We have more hair to play with, more products to cake our face with, also, just about much more of everything else.

I plan on being an independent woman who pays for her own food, clothes, house and… well, more food. Nothing would make me prouder (Not that I don’t like being pampered). I won’t emphasize on this too much, I AM aware of the amount of girls that love being pampered and wouldn’t mind it going on. *sigh* Bliss, right?

I would like to be able to walk out in a pair of shorts or just anything other than my jeans, I’ve started to despise my favourite pair of jeans, I can’t look at it without cringing and thinking of the ten minutes that I put in everyday trying to get them past my knees, sweating it out, giving up, starting over, succeeding, going out only to be found squirming to the feeling of the denim sticking to my legs like a leech in the heat of this city, coming home disappointed because not even a full pair of jeans can protect me from the dirty looks of the labour working on the house below my apartment.

If you’re pretty you can’t be smart, if you’re ugly, well… you’re just ugly. It takes me a while to comprehend how anyone can call anyone ugly, and why is it that men can get away with looking like a reptilian mole rat? But come on, before you call someone ugly look really, REALLY hard at that person if you don’t find something beautiful about them, you need to put on your glasses and look again. My mum always told me “It’s good to be a beauty, but be a beauty with brains!” and I always wondered, why she never told my brother the same thing, I mean am I the only beautiful one? (hehe)

I can’t help but notice how I love being a girl because of the more of everything that I get to do with my face and clothes, but I’d sometimes like to step out without even a touch of face powder or eye make-up and not be told that I was looking sick or tired or like I had been crying because it’s just my face that looks that way, apparently. Sometimes, I want to step out looking hideous, sometimes I want to be picked to lift the heaviest table or carry my teacher’s books through the corridor because my strength is no lesser than a guy’s, sometimes I want to see a guy reading a Meg Cabot book or listening to a Katy Perry song, I want to see sixth graders to not be afraid to get the ‘cooties’, moreover, someday, I want to work in a company and be paid and treated as equally as my colleague, maybe even more than him. I never want to walk through an alley wishing I was a boy instead, from this day on I’m a woman and I am stronger than you. What about you?



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