(By Aishvarya Srivastava, Poetry Editor, Paprikashta)

In the quest to attain perfection ,people generally forget to cherish the essence of life. They forget that it’s not about the destination,but it’s about the journey.They strive for excellence in the most nugatory things and a slight gaffe in it,gets them all worked up and hassled.One piece of advice to all the pedants out there:It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than be absolutely boring.

There were several things people said about me ,

Earlier I noticed ,but then I just let it be.

My frizzy hair,my fanatical walks and talks,

How I always chose shorts over dresses and frocks.

Spilling and spoiling things became my forte in no time,

To me,breaking of glasses created more music than wind


I wasn’t the popular one among the gang,

But I found ample branches for me to hang.

I’m imperfect in every way you can envisage ,

I’m just a small girl who dreams of making it large.

Everyone is perfect in their own imperfections,

Their real beauty is then only reflected in every section.

Flaws act as the treasure trove in our  journey,

Sometimes the sky is cloudy,but mostly it’s sunny.

We all are an alluring and a wonderful wreck,

That’s what connects us, we are so beautifully imperfect.