The Ideal Life

Imagine yourself sitting in the world’s most comfortable chair, so cushiony and soft that it relaxes    you and puts you to sleep. Let the seat also be of profound beauty, beauty with simplicity. 

In this hypothetical situation, think that you are lying on a fresh dew-covered grassy ground.  There are multiple evergreen trees in the background, swaying in the cool breeze which just kissed your cheek. You put your feet up on the congenial stool kept just at the right distance, and you feel your every muscle relax. 

There is a large glass kept right beside you filled with your best-loved beverage, and a long colorful straw extends from it to right near your mouth, so, you don’t even have to move an inch to enjoy its flavor. Your favorite cuisine is also waiting for you opposite to the beverage. Remember it’s the best cooked and the most delicious! 

You can smell your favorite scent and can feel it’s mild fragrance going down your throat, refreshing all the cells of your body as it goes inside of you.

There is nobody around! No noise, no melody, just you!

There is no home work to complete, no competition to prepare for and no expectations to live up to.

No one will compare you to any others, no one will break your trust, none will degrade you. Your future doesn’t depend on your studies. 

Your parents don’t depend on the job you’ll attain in the future. Your life doesn’t depend on money.

There is no worry! No social drama, no ‘impressive’ selfies and no reason to be the owner of fake beauty.

No, none at all!

You are alone, but not lonely!

There is a soft light which shines on you while you are seated, making its way amidst the evergreen trees. It is the Supreme   Light, indicating the presence of the Almighty. Nobody can hurt you now! 

The glimmer in The Supreme Glow enters your mind and destroys all your tensions and worries, leaving behind just coolness that fills your mind to such an extent that   you smile.   This Light will enlighten you! 

 You are simply happy, an achiever of the greatest bliss and you need nothing else.

This is the exact form of life that I wish to live. This is the much-needed break that I want! But, I know it will never come true. Even if I get in the above-mentioned scenario, no one would be able to take my turmoil away. They will chase me down eventually.  So, I just make it up in my mind and fake myself. Oh, how I wish I could take a break!


By Khyati Sanger (Editor, Non fiction)

Carpe Diem


cd(By Apurva Lodha, Non-fiction Editor)

Nowadays all of us have become so focused on the future and what comes next and on the past reminiscing about what we did, and what we should have done, that we’ve started to forget how to live. We don’t get to live our lives twice. So perhaps it’s time we remembered that, and started seizing the day with confidence and doing what we’ve always wanted to do.

Now is the only time which really matters. Teenagers, as a general rule, are always under a lot of pressure from our parents, our teachers and even our friends to start deciding what we want to do in life and to fulfil the tremendous number of responsibilities we have. But for now, we have to learn that it’s okay to make mistakes, to act out, to do what we feel is right, and to go with our instincts because this is the time when above all, we need to live in the moment. We need to go out there and make mistakes because that is the only way that we will ever learn, and the only way we will ever be able to survive in the real world. After all, this is the point of our teen years, our school years, isn’t it? To learn?

When we’re having fun doing something, the first thing we remember to do is to take a photo and either snapchat it or post it on Facebook or instagram. We do this to ‘preserve the memories’. What we don’t realise is that if we were actually concentrating on what was going on, we might have had an even better experience, and we might not have to rely on pictures to remember something that we really should never have forgotten in the first place.

For most of human history, humans had a life span of only about 30 years or so, and thus they did not have any time or the need to plan for college, their future, how to get a job, etc. And now life has become the future. Every moment of your life is used to prepare for the future–you go to school and study hard so that you can get into a good college so that you can get a high paying job so that you can get a nice house so you that can afford to send your kids to college so that they can get a good job so that they can get a nice house so that they can afford to send their kids to college.

One of my favourite books is Paper Towns by John Green and he talks about this quite a bit, about how everyone has become paper people living in paper towns which were never built to last, just working towards the future not realizing how it affects specific individuals of the society. How some people can’t take the pressure, the sheer superficiality of school and life. How some people are forced to take their own lives because always living for the future is not for them, but no one lets them live in the now.

We need to start changing our perceptions about life and learn that while planning for the future has its place in the scheme of things, we need to keep our focus on the present.  None of us can predict the future, or change the past, but today is something that we can definitely influence by living in the moment. So, Seize the Day!

Carpe Diem!

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