To leave me?

(By Ansh Sethi, Poetry Editor)


You are still present in my doubt,

I can taste you in my mouth.

Everyday seems like a lie,

your love taught me how to die.

I am the selfish ghost

Can Listen to all your lies

Like a jet streaming high.

Some more I can take

Till you wake me again.

I can still hear your words

I can feel your presence here

you seemed to be a living paradox.

being the reason of silence in my catacombs

you gave me love, love for free

the girl which world set free

the girl that time forgot.

when you walked away,

you  came one step closer to me

Were you cut enough to bleed?

Were you cut enough to leave?


I am not defined by my religion or race

(Written by Saumya Rastogi)

Nobody is defined by their religion or race. Our political identity has nothing to do with our individual characteristics.
There is more to us than just our race, caste, gender or place of birth. Even the religion that we follow does not determine our way of living. It however, restricts our thinking and behaviour. Accordingly, we adjudge our environment and surroundings, and move forward. But, instead of moving ahead, some people are still stuck in a stagnant pool of swampy water with no intention of ever getting out. They feel that their religion alone is supreme and this superiority leads them into believing that there exists only one God, that is their’s. They feel that only they belong to this world and whoever is different is therefore, immoral or uncultured. Thus, we think that this separation and divisions in our minds occurs due to this so called factionalism and communalism.

But, religion is not the root of all problems rather it is one of the vices to control human behaviour and nurture positive thinking. We all have one religion, to protect others and that of humanity. This religion is that of spiritual being and living in harmony. This togetherness can only be felt if we are truly secular. Blaming one’s belief to cause communal riots or terrorism is a huge mistake, since a belief is never wrong rather one’s way of understanding it is.
No religion can ever instruct it’s followers to kill others to gratify their needs. No such rules are there in these scripts to urge every person to follow only a particular religion.
Boundaries, lines and barriers around states and countries are defined as territories. It all begun when nobles and kings started conquering kingdoms by battles. Was this not a form of terrorism?
Was this not creating fear by establishing dictators?
Afterall, how can you say terrorism is wrong when the governments itself formed such people by pressurising them. It is now that they have to face the consequences.
Although it is all a matter of perspective. However controversial this topic is, it affects millions of lives and how they perceive it.
There are so many different beliefs and ideas that it is impossible to say that one is right and another one is wrong.
Have you ever stepped in the shoes of a suicide bomber? What pressurised them in doing this. Money? Faith? Society?
However, it all starts with a mindset, even a single one which wants to create fear; fear in the minds of ordinary citizens.
Human beings are like animals. They fight for territory, trying to seize it and conquer.
I am not saying such acts are justified, violence is never justifiable.
Peace is the only answer to these problems since, war propagates war. Oppression and attack on these groups will only lead to more destruction. Such acts will only reduce peace and cause a negative impact on the innocent lives of children brainwashed into believing the misinterpreted texts of the holy books.
Need of the hour is Solidarity, Equality, Love and Gratitude. For how we should live is by abiding these morals. But then again we are a higher order of animals. Although animals also know when it is more than enough.
We kill for no reason and for all reasons at the same time.
And this is one of the billion perspectives in these abundant cosmos.

A Perfect Ending

(By Sanjana Chawla, Fiction Editor, Paprikashta)

Doctors were rushing in and out constantly. Nurses were injecting and observing her pulse. Her mother was crying for she knew that it was about to end and was continuously chanting prayers. She was seriously ill and her chances of survival were less than twenty percent. As soon as she woke up, she just uttered one word.


Well it is a weird thing for others, but for her it was completely sane. In fact, completely sane for both of them. He reached the place in an hour or so and was sitting besides her in the clothes she loved the most. He sat with his hand over hers and adored her beautiful yet weak hands. He kissed the top of her forehead and then her hands with deep blue painted nails. She stay quiet but her silence portrayed every single emotion. He talked continuously though she just passed smiles and at times she slept as well but he spoke and didn’t stop.

He recalled and make her relive all the days and memories spent together. He laughed as he told how at first they hated and literally insulted each other. He spoke about their first meet and all their talks, outings and when he proposed!
They’ve had been together since past many years and there wasn’t even a single day when she cried because of him. Such was his love! His loyalty, faithfulness, trust and respect towards her was inexpressible. And so she loved him truly and deeply.
He smiled innocently as he said “Our story wasn’t a perfect one. Happy beginnings? No, not at all!!”. But they came this far just because of their Choices and Love.

To him, she was his world. And to her, he was her life. Perhaps, he really loved her. He indeed proved it.

She was a beautiful girl with falling hair and tubes emerging through her nostrils. She walked with difficulty and had spots on her skin. She coughed continuously and walked with baby steps. Well, no one else accepted her. Even her friends joked and passed comments. But then there was this one guy in her school who perceived things from a different point of view. For him, looks and IQ or achievements were of no equivalence. Perhaps, he was moved by her soul and behaviour. No, he wasn’t sympathizing and feeling pity for her, and it wasn’t love at first sight as well.

But whatever it was, was the most beautiful thing ever.
People adored their relation. They talked about them and that how cute they looked together. But they never misinterpreted or fought with each other because of people. They both loved each other deeply and that to without any demands, expectations or complaints. All they wanted was happiness and goodwill. They wanted to be together for ever. And they did spend the most amazing time with each other. They lived to the fullest, despite all the hardships.

Perhaps, that night was their last night together. His throat became rough and dry for he spoke till 6 in the morning. She had tears in her eyes which easily signified her true love and that she’d miss him. She remained quiet. But her last words remained carved in his heart for eternity.

                           “I love you, I loved you, Will forever do and will miss you”.

She didn’t die for him. She became a powerful and a strong person who struggled for life with optimism. He didn’t cry since that day. He was prepared for all this and that’s why he accepted all this because he knew that she’s bound to instill within him for ever.

Tears for him became like rains in a desert.
That girl died lived and survived as long as he lived.
She lived- in his heart, within his soul.

Perhaps their story wasn’t a fairytale but they really had a perfect ending.


(also posted on crestfallen)

My Eternity

By Ansh Sethi, Poetry Editor

I am here sitting on my rug
sipping on my cold hot coffee mug
thinking how on earth can I be hers
if I am, its purely my luck
people say drugs get you high
these lads have not seen her smile,
till eternity I want her to be mine.

Flipping her hair,in my white shirt
not her body, but her soul made my heart rust
lost deep in her lust
I held her close, held her tight
her big eyes as beautiful as a rainy night
exactly what I wanted,and thats what she desired
that moment I swear we were infinite.